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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Suede says...

A genius idea from the talented Suede of Project Runway fame.
He designed amazing patterns for Simplicity with the end user in mind. Included in the pattern pack are three styles; Flirty, Classic and Edgy to fit your mood. Then you take it from there! Select your fabric and give it your own spin. Maybe now I can stop bugging my design-incline friends to make me pieces and can start doing it myself..and remember what Suede says, goes! So just follow these simple instructions and you can "make it work" right in your very own living room.

Today's maddening obsession.

I need to be wearing these with my toes in Mediterranean sand and a glass of prosecco in my hand.
Grab them for your own mystical voyage, or just a roll around the block at YSL.COM

Old School


Monday, August 29, 2011

I absolutely LOVED this. If it freaked you out, even better.

The thing I value about Gaga above all else is her ability to complete
say, fuck you to the conventional definition of beautiful. Some
times strange things are amazing and ugly things the most interesting.
Life is boring if everyone is just trying to be the same and look the
same. Don't be afraid to rock something different. This bitch wasn't
and it nabbed her two VMA's last night. Way to go Jo.

I love this Blu Moon faux fur vest.


Friday, August 26, 2011

Come on' Irene...

I am going to do a little pre-hurricane shopping today. However, instead of stocking up on gallons of water & flashlights I will be grabbing a couple bottles of Pinot & these time less pieces. Irene I'm ready for you!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Don't roll those eyes at me, young lady..

Vintage, Chic and Regal.

My latest obsession...

My sweetheart boyfriend gifted me the coveted Alexander Wang black boots and I am in love. However, as per Paul Nystrom my desire for more is never ending and I NEED these Jeremy Scott Hand Frames for my up coming venture to Vegas. Need Need NEED! If you feel like I feel, than pick up a pair at Pat

Friday, August 5, 2011 the REEMIXXXX...

Lots of excitement over at our favorite iconic label. This week would have marked artful mastermind Yves Saint Laurent's 75th Birthday!
If he were still with us, I am sure he would have been amazed to see the launch of their revamped e commerce website!
When you get a chance, check out!
Launched on Tuesday, the site looks beautiful and functions more easily.
Getting you, your precious luxury goods faster with a vast selection and sleek look.
A couple of clicks and a new
Cabas Chyc bag could be yours.