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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Madness at midnight!! National Jean Company Sale + Toph Daddy Trunk Show!!!

They are at it again!! Another summer, another Midnight Madness sale.

Shop at National Jean Company
on Tuesday June 29th between the hours of 9pm-12am and receive 25 % off your entire purchase!!!

Both locations in Manhattan will be participating;
Upper East Side 1335 3rd. Ave and Murray Hill 525 3rd. Ave.

In addition to that exciting news!

Toph Daddy
the brand responsible for the hottest burn out tee shirt's in the city right now; will be holding a trunk show at the Upper East Side location Tuesday June 29th from 4pm-9pm..
FYI: They will be bringing Children's and Men's pieces too!

Tuesday doesn't work for you?
Toph Daddy loves you sooo much, they are going to hold a second trunk show at the Murray Hill location the next day Wednesday June 30th from 4-9pm.

Amazing saving, fantastic denim experts on hand and fresh new merchandise.
It's a Great time to grab any last minute pieces you need before 4th of July weekend!!!

Ron Galella, Stalkerazzi or pop culture icon? You decide.

HBO is showing the documentary "Smash his camera!" about Ron Galella; the first real paparazzi.
FYI It's featured on HBO on demand under documentaries!!

In conjunction with this; Chic Gallery located on
Broome St. is running


June 1-30, 2010

Amazing candid shots; as you know I am a sucker for 70's and 80's! Tons of disco and glamor, so I am all in on this one. TONS of Jackie O., Andy Warhol, Za za Gabor...come on now!!

But Hurry..This exhibit is over on June 30th!!
Click here for information from Clic Gallery.

Turn in to the HBO special, this guy is an absolute trip.
But if you are in the city, come check out this exhibit it will up until Wednesday.

J'adore Dior..and their diligent visuals...

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Happy summer, B&B..

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The only way to travel.. :)

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Her Look, is looking out for their customers.

This is the package that I received from my doorman this afternoon.
It was from
Her Look.

The company responsible for Commando under wear, Cleavage cupcakes, and Matchstick double stick tape. In addition to many other stylist go-to's that ensure fit is always on point and everything works out smoothly.

Recently, I was on my Facebook and as an obvious fan of Commando, I read their status update. It read "These are our new summer colors for the new Tulip thong collection, first 3 people to comment their favorite color receives a free pair." I am obsessed with these undies, you have no idea.
I have literally over 40 pairs; of every style.
I quickly replied "Iris" and was the first fan to respond :) Within an hour, I got an email from the company obtaining my address. I completely forgot all about it until they showed up at my apartment a week later.
I am completely thrilled. The style is AMAZING. It has the standard Commando seamless material in the front and the back; but sexy lace detailing on the sides in the front. Perfect, if you have a sheer dress on and need to rock seamless panties; but still need a little somethin' somethin', in case that skirt does slip off by the end of the night..

It doesn't matter if you are with a model on set at a photo shoot or getting your friend ready for a big party; the person wants to look their best. That's why the correct under garments and quick fixes are crucial to ensure you have the tools to achieve over all perfection; ever single time. These products should be on hand at all times for ALL you ladies.

If you just picked up some essentials; then you can significantly reduce your chances of a Lindsay Lohan nipple slip. Trust it. They Sell Her Look Everywhere in Manhattan.
National Jean Company, Saks and Neiman Marcus. Not to mention, also has a great selection. Hit it up..Bottom line is, Her Look should be your look.

Fantastic Jacket...

Charm me..Brooklyn Charm me..

The Bedford Ave. subway stop is always on and popin' with fashionista's, hipsters and degenerates alike;lurking threw shops and street sales.

People hustling to the block full of sweet little cafes.
The Lovin' Cup Cafe
is a personal favorite, Awesome brunch special's. Great relaxed atmosphere.

Well I found one more reason you should jump on the L train and it's called Brooklyn Charm.
The adorable shop is open 7 days a week from 11am-8pm.
The specialize in Jewelry supplies, custom designed jewelry and even hands-on jewelry classes.
Located at 145 Bedford Ave. N. 9th st. Entrance.

The shop offers tons of jewelry supplies; beads, chains and pendents galore!

You can have fun poking around and creating you're dream piece.
A very nice way to spend a summer afternoon rolling around with your favorite friend, in your boyfriend jeans.
My darling friend created these two amazing pieces today while down at the store.
She had a blast and is recommending it to everyone she knows!!
I feel head over heel's for her hippie chic rustic chains and detailed pendent with her initials stamped in. I know she will be rocking them all summer and the price points are out of this world. Check out their Brooklyn Charm facebook.


So..Dont be scared to venture; throw on yo' hater-blockers on and roll out to Williamsburg.
They really have so much to offer. Don't be a dummy...
Give BK a chance..

Tracy DiMarco behind the scenes!! Jerseylicious season 2 photo shoot..

Here are some behind the scenes candid shots; Tracy DiMarco looked incredible; perhaps some of her cast mates should take a hint and hire a stylist..or at least slap on some spanx :)
Nicolina Lentini styled Tracy for the shoot, as always.. they make an excellent pair.
I can not wait to see the finished produce, these pictures are going to rock..
Jerseylicious season 2 premiers on Style Network Sunday Sept. 5th at 8/7c.

Friday, June 25, 2010

DRAMA DRAMA for Teenage MAMA's!!

Teen Mom (Season 2) | Trailer:

"This summer, MTV takes you back inside the lives of four unforgettable teen moms - Farrah, Maci, Amber and Catelynn - as they face their toughest challenges yet. Series premiere Tuesday, July 20 at 10/9c."

This Shit looks intense. I will be tuning in; every week for sure.
After the animosity between Maci & Ryan at the reunion special, I cant wait to see how he deals with her new boyfriend!!
If Catelynn and Tyler break up I will cry. They are too cute; they need to escape their meth parents and run away to college together.
Plus Farrah gets punched in the face?
..You got my vote.

This just might be more dramatic than season 2 of The Jersey Shore..
Teen Mom on July 20th @ 10/9c. Get at it.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dive into this book face first..

An oldie,but a goody..Making Faces is the best make up book of all time.I revisited it recently and couldn't be happier. If you want to brush up on your technique. Maybe, just gander at some of the most beautiful makeup jobs of all time; it's all here. Step by step instructions included. The pictures of Gwyneth Paltrow with grungy caked up mascara covering her muddied eyes are breath taking. Not to mention, what Kevyn could do with a paint brush on Courtney Love.

Kevyn Aucoin was an icon in the industry. His clients included Whitney Houston, Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista and Julia Roberts. The CFDA besotted a special award upon him; the only time that has been done for a make up artist. He had written two other books The Art of Makeup and Face Forward; before his untimely passing in 2002.

Barbie's got some STIFF competition.

Save your pennies kids & buy these now!!
They are an amazingly hand crafted investment piece...
Such beautifully light detailing; Stevie Boi shows he can do ALOT more than just gutter glam accessories.
These spec's are so elegant and modern.
I am in absolute love.

If you haven't already, Check Stevie Boi out at his website.

These glasses are the SB Malibu Stevie's from his Malibu Stevie collection that was recently released and they are outstandingggg.
Put them in your shopping cart now, if you wanna be fresh to death.'

I Like you...Like, more than a band...

On June 15th, 2010 the world got a whole lot better.

The Like
a band formed in 2001. After,
Their first album
"Are you thinking what I'm thinking." and several line up changes (meoww.)
They finally really pulled it together.

The ladies hooked up with
Mark Ronson to produce their second commercial album
"Release Me"
and it is fucking sensational.

This all girl band consists of
Z Berg - Guitar and Vocals
Tennessee Thomas - Drums
Laena Geronimo - Bass
Annie Monroe - Organ

The mod black & white video for the single "He's Not a Boy" is to die.
A complete 60's Twiggy-esque vibe gelled with a sensual but feisty attitude.
vocals and big giant eyes, just draw me in.

These girls are doing their hometown of Los Angeles proud.
They offer free downloads and music clips on their Facebook page.
One of my favorites is the song, Fair Game. Seriously, Check them out.
This album should be rocked by everyone. Everywhere.
All summer long because, Release Me is the most refreshing thing since the lemonade slushie.

Shout out to KH for peepin' it ;)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Loves me some Lamé.

Fantastic gift from a fantastic friend...Gold Lamé oversized bow; complete with embroidery and a tie dye band. I am mad about it.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Soo City..Represent with Toph Daddy.

Last week, I discovered this fantastic tee shirt. The kind of shirt I never want to take off my body. The kind of shirt I get disgruntled when it MUST be washed and thrilled upon it's return from the dryer warm and cozy.. Through the day I luxuriate in the soft, vintage inspired fabric; the best part is, being comfortable while still looking so chic. Making this fun top amazing for running errands and lunch with your friends.

These burn out tee shirts come with a 3 digit area code so you can represent your home town, new town or even your beach town.
My favorite and obvious choice for all you that are bored & beautiful is the black and silver 212 babycake burnout tee shirt. Complete with "The City" on the back...
These girls knocked it out of the park on this. Black is the perfect color to represent New Yorkers and for only 60 $ this is a steal, if I've ever seen one.

Now that I have one to represent my current 'hood, I am going to start collecting all the places I've ever been..

These tee's are excellent conversation starters and every saying on the back correlates to area code on the front.

The designers Becky and Melissa are really on to something, with their fantastic fabrics and relaxed sensibility these shirts are about to blow up quick.
I know you trailblazers, love to rock things before any one else don't make me say I told ya' so..
Check out their website here NOW..for other area codes and merchandise; along with the designers contact information.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I LOVE to go Commando..

If you don't know, you better ask' sumbody!!
I threw all my regular old Victoria Secret undies in the garbage a long time ago, in favor of Commando.
These nylon/spandex wonders are seamless and cant be seen under anything. They come in a variety of styles from 'girl shorts' to briefs.
However, use common sense and don't place a red polka dot pattern with a sheer white dress :)
These are the most amazing thing since double sized tape. It doesn't even feel like your wearing underwear. So say good bye to your star patterned cotton thong from Forever 21 and say hello to the future. ...and because I'm the jump-off! I am hookin' ya up with a link to get the Commando classic pink leopard thong on sale at for 15.40 $ instead of 22$.with free shipping!! s/m and m/l sizes both still available. HOLLER!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

This is one snake I would like to have around me...

Rachel Leigh Zelda Snake Cuff on Sale!! This was one of my favorite pieces when I interned there. Rachel and the girls are very busy creating collections for fall and beyond; I am very excited to see what's coming next..In the mean time, snap up this cuff and rock it hard. It comes in silver or gold and adjusts slightly to fit most wrist sizes. It is the perfect bad ass accent to any night out. Perhaps, throw it on with a maxi-dress for a boho summer vibe or maybe with a floral print mini and some short boots to add some edge? Trust me, this a piece you will be glad that you own!! Also makes for an amazing gift and there are a ton of summer birthdays coming up.
Check out this deal, before it slithers away.


Looking for hot cropped jeans? DL1961's got it.

DL1961 is taking the denim world by storm..Many already know the brand for their infamous X-FIT® Lycra stretch. The 4-way molds to your body. The fit is amazing.
If you are looking for a clean,sleek jean that wouldn't stretch out and loose their shape; this is it. One of my personal favorites this season is 'The Toni' cropped style pictured above.
DL1961 run's pretty true to size, so stick to your normal jean size when ordering.
If you are unsure of your size, or would like to see different washes, pop over to National Jean Company and the girls can help you find exactly what your looking for.

You can check out DL1961 on their website, or at National Jean Company.

It looks like a vibrator...but gives you a facial. huh?

This, my the most amazing thing since Lip Venom. Why, your asking me? Because it works!!

This is the Clarisonic Mia. It comes in Pink, Yellow and White and helps make your face glow.

Any problems you may incur from pimples to wrinkles.

Use this amazing device twice a day when washing your face and almost instantly see results. I suggest using your favorite face wash, but it does include one in the starter kit. It is timed; so just press one button and gently massage around your face, it shuts off automatically.
It's the best 150 $ (I also just found it on Amazon for 133.00 $) I ever spent!
If you are not working this device into your daily facial routine, you are doing yourself a huge disservice. It's not just wash, toner, lotion any's a diffrent world.

Also, Ladies go for the pink. A portion of the proceeds go to the fight against breast cancer.


Jerseylicious and Philanthropic..Tracy DiMarco helps out Project Ladybug.

Dina Manzo
one of The Real Housewives of New Jersey focuses all her time and energy on Project Ladybug.
For those of you who don't know, the organization in association with
St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital helps seriously ill children and their families in a terrible time of need.

Dina, the founder of Project Ladybug threw a charity event titled "A Night in Morocco." A ladies night out, held at The Brownstone in New Jersey.
Women came out in droves clad in their most enchanted attire. Everyone looked fabulous!! Tracy DiMarco and
Gianelle GiGi Liscio from the Style Network's Jerseylicious attended that night.
In addition to applying one of the signature red hair extensions to Jacquline's daughter, Ashley. Tracy also, donated $3,500 to the cause.
"There is nothing more heartbreaking than a child suffering with an illness." Tracy said. There is a lot more to this girl than a pretty face and a knack for hair. I have to compliment her. Instead of running off and blowing 3 grand on a purse, as most starlets would; she is helping those that are really in need.
Perhaps these Jersey girls should be an example to us all..YES, I am talking to you Lindsay Lohan...

So kudos to you
Dina, Tracy and all the people committed to Project Ladybug. It's truly amazing how passionate everyone involved is. Keep up all the good work.


Pride 2010!! June 28th bust out your rainbow gear & lets march...and party.

It's creeping up on me and I LOVE IT! In order to kick off the summer right & support a community that I love & adore, it is all about celebrating Pride. The three main events are; the parade, the street festival and the dance at the pier.
Always held towards the end of June to mark the anniversary of the '69 Stonewall Riots.

New York is the birth place of the modern gay rights movement
and there is no better place in the world to commemorate that then right here! Last year I had the pleasure of spending Pride in Paris and trust me when I tell ya' they don't have shit on us here in the empire state.

Heritage of Pride), an amazing non-profit organization have been working to prefect these events for years!! If you would like to help, donations are always appreciated.

Let me just run threw the events quickly,

This year the main events are being held Sunday June 27.

The first of the day is The March, kicking it off at 12:00 sharp.
It starts
at 36th St. heading south starting on 5th. Ave ending up at Greenwich Ave.
Judy Shepard,Constance McMillen, Lt. Dan Choi have been chosen to be the Grand Marshal's of this years event. Three people who have stood up against adversity and the intolerance of others. We want to stand up and applaud them for their efforts!!!

The second event is Pridefest
Held at Hudson St. between Abingdon Sq. & West 14th St. 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM

This is fun! booths are set up. TONS of street food and lots of bars packed with people enjoying sangria and such. This is a great time to roll around with friends, cruise the tables and bar hop.

I have to admit, although I have spent Pride all over; New York, Fire Island, Paris, Chicago... I have never been able to attend the dance at the Pier. That is all about to change. I bought my tickets and I am ready to dance it out.

The Dance
Held at Pier 54, 13th St @ the West Side Highway
4:00 - 10:30 PM, Fireworks
Fireworks? I am down.
This event does require tickets to be purchased; unlike the march and Pridefest, which are open for free to the public.

Click here for ticket information.

The Rally
In addition to these amazing events, there is also a very important Rally which will be held a week earlier, SATURDAY JUNE 19th
72nd St. & 5th Ave. @
Rumsey Playfield Central Park 4:00 - 8:00 PM

If everyone wants equality and change. Then you need to show up and have your voice heard!! Scream for equal rights!! Just, Spike lee it and do the right thing.. Plus the emcee of this rally is a very recognizable face; comedian, Broadway star and head writer for many, many years Bruce Vilanch!! Exciting!!-Google him,if you don't know what I am talking about.

In closing, I will be Busting out my rainbow wrist bands, boa and butterfly mask...
Have fun with it and celebrate those that you LOVE and support in the LGBT community. Gay, straight, try-sexual..whatever! Stop being uptight.
Come together to celebrate how far civil rights have come and how far we still have to go.
It's going to be amazing. I will be sure to post pictures after. fo' sure.

Low Fat Pasta Carbonara a la Bethenny Frankel..


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Speaking of J Brand..and Proenza Schouler

Proenza Schouler exclusively paired up with power-house denim company; J Brand Jeans. Named "The Fashion Jean" within, the first 30 seconds of "The September Issue" by non-other than Anna Wintour, herself. These jeans are cosmic.They are graphic printed AND hand painted luxe Japanese stretch denim; boasting an exaggerated high waist-So,So,So forward...They are suppose to surface around mid-July. Enjoy your maxi-dresses for now, but don't forget Fall is right around the corner..

FYI: J Brand Houlihan's back in Stock at National Jean Company.

Gotta' Rep two of my favorite things; J Brand Jeans and National Jean Company ;)

A fresh shipment of these coveted cargo's arrived just yesterday. If you still haven't gotten your hands on these fabulous Japaneses luxe twill skinnys, complete with ankle zippers-Get to it. We have them available in the Vintage Olive and also Vintage Navy, which is my personal favorite. Denim experts agree, go one size down from your true jean size. Ex. If you always wear a 28 in jeans, get a 27. They run big and mold to your body over time; so they will give out a little. There is a reason these pants have been sold out company wide...Your summer will not be complete without this wonderfully fitting pant.. Natty Jean has several locations..Two in the city. Upper East Side @ 1335 3rd ave (btwn 76th and 77th st) 212-772-2392 and the other is in Murray Hill @ 525 3rd ave. (on the corner of 35th st.) 212-213-8150.
Manhattan too far of a trek? Call us and order them by phone, shipping is just $6.00

Oh, How I'd love to do this to you; St. John the Baptist!!

Lady Gaga attending her little sister's high school graduation at her own alma mater. Yes, that would be a bee keepers hat and see-thru lace pants. Oooh, how I love her..
Hail Mary full of Grace, the lord is with thee...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

No doubt Nicola Formichetti had something to do with this..

Speaking of Gaga..Here are some shots of her running around London/New York in the most fucking phenomenal shoes by NORITAKA TATEHANA. Ms.Gaga was also toting this little cutie..a precious black, Hermes Birkin bag customized by Haus of Gaga. They covered the classic purse with studs of all shapes & sizes. I love it all, just as much as I love her. The only thing that could make this any better is if they spray painted "$$ Can't Buy You Class." on the other size of the bag...Just kidding...but not really ;)

You know that i love you Boy,hot like Mexico rejoice..Alejandro Music Video!!!

Lady Gaga's Alejandro video-BRAND NEW!!!!!

It's scintillating...

Monday, June 7, 2010

Stevie Boi has captured my heart and my eyes...

Entranced as always... STEVIE BOI has done it again. He is the hottest, most forward eye wear designer right now & has me in Love.Love.Love.
His new collection titled "Malibu Stevie" launches June 12th online and in stores across the United States. The concept, obviously inspired by the original fashion icon herself, Barbie.

The line is filled with the most impressive and well crafted pieces I have seen from him and he's not even 21 years old yet...When I was 20, I was rollin' threw community college in my two door Honda Accord..Besides, the incredible talent this designer possesses; his gracious attitude is so endearing-it melts me.
Not to mention, his most recent campaign is littered with celebrities. Stars like Gangsta boo, Trina and Lil mo; all rock it out for the camera with the designer in tow...His shades have also been coveted by the likes of Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Lil Kim.
Go and brush ya' shoulders off..

Here is a sneek peak of the new collection!!! So exciting!! I want to wear every single pair.

My Absolute favorites are the syringe covered goggles worn by Gangsta boo...They are Fanfuckingtastic. I will also be up very early on June 12, to purchase the white lace covered spec's worn by Neffe..They are a must have, right now. I will rock those all summer long.

I also have some behinds the scenes video. Take a look at what went into styling this, stellar new collection Right here!

SB's line was shoot by Michael Antonio. Designed and styled by Stevie Boi himself..Gotta' add those personal touches ;) Make up & hair credits go out to Neon Fix.

You can get in touch with Stevie Boi in the following ways: