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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I LOVE to go Commando..

If you don't know, you better ask' sumbody!!
I threw all my regular old Victoria Secret undies in the garbage a long time ago, in favor of Commando.
These nylon/spandex wonders are seamless and cant be seen under anything. They come in a variety of styles from 'girl shorts' to briefs.
However, use common sense and don't place a red polka dot pattern with a sheer white dress :)
These are the most amazing thing since double sized tape. It doesn't even feel like your wearing underwear. So say good bye to your star patterned cotton thong from Forever 21 and say hello to the future. ...and because I'm the jump-off! I am hookin' ya up with a link to get the Commando classic pink leopard thong on sale at for 15.40 $ instead of 22$.with free shipping!! s/m and m/l sizes both still available. HOLLER!!

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