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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Like you...Like, more than a band...

On June 15th, 2010 the world got a whole lot better.

The Like
a band formed in 2001. After,
Their first album
"Are you thinking what I'm thinking." and several line up changes (meoww.)
They finally really pulled it together.

The ladies hooked up with
Mark Ronson to produce their second commercial album
"Release Me"
and it is fucking sensational.

This all girl band consists of
Z Berg - Guitar and Vocals
Tennessee Thomas - Drums
Laena Geronimo - Bass
Annie Monroe - Organ

The mod black & white video for the single "He's Not a Boy" is to die.
A complete 60's Twiggy-esque vibe gelled with a sensual but feisty attitude.
vocals and big giant eyes, just draw me in.

These girls are doing their hometown of Los Angeles proud.
They offer free downloads and music clips on their Facebook page.
One of my favorites is the song, Fair Game. Seriously, Check them out.
This album should be rocked by everyone. Everywhere.
All summer long because, Release Me is the most refreshing thing since the lemonade slushie.

Shout out to KH for peepin' it ;)

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