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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Her Look, is looking out for their customers.

This is the package that I received from my doorman this afternoon.
It was from
Her Look.

The company responsible for Commando under wear, Cleavage cupcakes, and Matchstick double stick tape. In addition to many other stylist go-to's that ensure fit is always on point and everything works out smoothly.

Recently, I was on my Facebook and as an obvious fan of Commando, I read their status update. It read "These are our new summer colors for the new Tulip thong collection, first 3 people to comment their favorite color receives a free pair." I am obsessed with these undies, you have no idea.
I have literally over 40 pairs; of every style.
I quickly replied "Iris" and was the first fan to respond :) Within an hour, I got an email from the company obtaining my address. I completely forgot all about it until they showed up at my apartment a week later.
I am completely thrilled. The style is AMAZING. It has the standard Commando seamless material in the front and the back; but sexy lace detailing on the sides in the front. Perfect, if you have a sheer dress on and need to rock seamless panties; but still need a little somethin' somethin', in case that skirt does slip off by the end of the night..

It doesn't matter if you are with a model on set at a photo shoot or getting your friend ready for a big party; the person wants to look their best. That's why the correct under garments and quick fixes are crucial to ensure you have the tools to achieve over all perfection; ever single time. These products should be on hand at all times for ALL you ladies.

If you just picked up some essentials; then you can significantly reduce your chances of a Lindsay Lohan nipple slip. Trust it. They Sell Her Look Everywhere in Manhattan.
National Jean Company, Saks and Neiman Marcus. Not to mention, also has a great selection. Hit it up..Bottom line is, Her Look should be your look.

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