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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Soo City..Represent with Toph Daddy.

Last week, I discovered this fantastic tee shirt. The kind of shirt I never want to take off my body. The kind of shirt I get disgruntled when it MUST be washed and thrilled upon it's return from the dryer warm and cozy.. Through the day I luxuriate in the soft, vintage inspired fabric; the best part is, being comfortable while still looking so chic. Making this fun top amazing for running errands and lunch with your friends.

These burn out tee shirts come with a 3 digit area code so you can represent your home town, new town or even your beach town.
My favorite and obvious choice for all you that are bored & beautiful is the black and silver 212 babycake burnout tee shirt. Complete with "The City" on the back...
These girls knocked it out of the park on this. Black is the perfect color to represent New Yorkers and for only 60 $ this is a steal, if I've ever seen one.

Now that I have one to represent my current 'hood, I am going to start collecting all the places I've ever been..

These tee's are excellent conversation starters and every saying on the back correlates to area code on the front.

The designers Becky and Melissa are really on to something, with their fantastic fabrics and relaxed sensibility these shirts are about to blow up quick.
I know you trailblazers, love to rock things before any one else don't make me say I told ya' so..
Check out their website here NOW..for other area codes and merchandise; along with the designers contact information.

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