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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Yoga keeps me flexible..

Yoga to the People is an amazing little gem we found down in the Village. This multi-floor townhouse is to die for.It offers beautiful studio's and qualified instructors, to ensure a tranquil visit. Weekdays there are a ton of class times to choose from and even candle lite classes on Sunday nights!
Just be sure to get their about 15 minutes early to secure your ideal spot.

Get ready to get limber.

Power Vinyasa yoga is practiced in the East Village location, at 12 St. Mark's Place.
YTTP has another location on 27th St. that practices traditional hot yoga and a location on 38th St. that practices hot power Vinyasa.
Beware: the latter two classes are not for the timid. Me and my yoga buddy were pouring sweat during our hour long standard Vinyasa class.
Also, did I mention it is a donation based studio! They suggest giving between five and ten dollars; which is a quarter of the price other places in the city charge.

The East Village location is in an amazing area to wonder around.
Today after class, we spent the day cruising thrift stores, boutiques and street shops in the neighborhood. We got an extra 2 hours of cardio walking around the Village and Meat Packing, shopping and talking.
One amazing store right down St.Mark's we ventured into was Search and Destroy.
This vintage shop offers tons of 80's sequins and studded leather so of course I was in love.
Also, Trash & Vaudeville is a classic. In addition there's two frozen yogurt places in the event you need a treat after your sick work out.
Spring is coming, so we all need to tone up and venture out. Throw on your leather jacket,some yoga pants and hit this place up.
Bottom line, Yoga for the People because the boys are shirtless and the vibes are peaceful. Namaste.

Yoga For the People: Schedule's, Locations, Times.

Search an Destroy.

Trash & Vaudeville.

Only in New York...

Hey, he got my dollar.

I only have eyes for you..

These beauties are python trimmed over sized sunglasses
by Linda Farrow Luxe. I picture rocking these with this Haute Hippie feather vest and fabulous YSL tribute sandal in a cognac woven leather.

Linda Farrow Luxe Python-trimmed shades

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fantasy outfit for: Friday night in tribeca, getting drinks with friends.

*Yves Saint Laurent Planet design ring, Halston, Yves Saint Laurent Muse II bag, Christian Louboutin for Rodarte heels.

Gilt-less Shopping?

Weekdays at 11:59 a.m..... I wait anxiously to be allowed into one of the most highly anticipated realms of online sales. Gilt Groupe offers top designer goods at digital discounts. A massive selection of clothing and accessories for men & women; Along with home goods at up to 70 % off. For the ladies, brands like M Missoni,Carolina Herrera, Valentino and even Christan Louboutin have come out to play. For the Gent's Ted Baker, Emanuel Ungaro and Costume National Homme are on board.

In addition amazing jewelry designer Alanna Bess is having a sale on Gilt tomorrow! March 31st. Be sure to check it out because her collection is truly special. I wear my favorite pieces everyday & always amass a ton of complements.
This website is taking over the online sample sale in the event you aren't already a member of the madness here's the link..Come on in & join the club.

Click here to join Gilt.

All day i dream about...

Have you ever dreamed about a particular period in time? The quintessential moment you would go back to if given the opportunity? This is mine. Monday May 2, 1977. Bianca Jagger's birthday party. It is the late 70's, I am head to toe Halston. Absolutely dripping in diamonds,gold and other gaudy jewels.Champagne in one hand and two feet on the dance floor. This is the time of excess. The smoke filled room oozes decadence. The true days of Haute Couture, Jet set and Louis Vuitton luggage. Whats your Fantasy?

Check it.

Vintage Carrie.Enjoy.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Bad boy, chain me up.

Chain Gloves, metal harnesses and bodysuits...Oh My!

Fannie Schiavoni fucking kills it.


Happy belated birthday.

Dearest Gaga,

You ate my Heart. Happy 24th birthday.
I want to make out with you and your vampire grill.

your most fabulous little monster.

Strut your stuff..

Michael Plosky will be showcasing his
fabulous new designs at the Stonewall in on May 6th... Micheal has created one of a kind pieces for many of New York's night life entertainers, including my favorite darlings Ariel Sinclair and Logan Hardcore.

Plus all donations at the door go to help Friends of Animal Rescue. Get your drink on, go gaga over fashions all while help a little snuggle pup. Wouldn't you sleep better that night?
I call that my friends, a

What: A night of evening, cocktail and red carpet designs.

When: Thursday May 6th, 2010.
Where: Stonewall Inn.
53 Christopher St. New York,NY.

*Doors open at 8pm. Show starts at 9pm.

Michael Plosky Designs

Stonewall Inn

Friends of Animal Rescue


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Head Strong.

Jenifer Behr is my it girl. Not only have I heard fabulous things about the designer herself, but her headpieces are to die for.

Whether you want to look like an Athenian goddess, Alice in Wonderland or a chic Belle de Jour-J. Behr has got you covered.
Not to mention the beautifully dramatic bridal selection.
This amazing piece of equipment is the Spiked turban-My absolute wet dream. I also get a fashion woody for her incredible selection of veiled stunners.

All & all..if you want to make an entrance, this is the girl to go with.

A sight for sore eyes.

Get with it. Eye wear is everywhere.
The more extreme, the better.
There's nothing like seducing a guy on the dance floor while wearing a pair of barbed wire shades.
My favorite designer right now is
Stevie Boi accessories.
The styles are hot, the price points are amazing.
Seriously, your silly if you don't check this shit out.
I just picked up a pair of the chemistry goggles adorn with 2 inch spikes and they are the talk of the town.
Stevie Boi is modern & hot. 'nuff said.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Get yo' Street Shop On.

There are two street festival's going on in the Village, this weekend. It is suppose to be sunny and fabulous so go take a jaunt. Grab your friends or your luvha! and hit the street.

This is the most beautiful part of the city; soak it all in. I will definately be munching some lunch at a local cafe....did someone say sangria?

Throw some shades on and go cruise the selection of art, clothing, arepas and bongs. Truly, something for everyone. I love the amazing selection of fun scarves and acessories. A fun first date, if you don't mind some cheap eats ;)

Saturday March 27, 2010
Greenwich Ave
between 6th and 7th


Sunday March 28, 2010
Christopher St.
between 7th and Greenwich


Lemme know if you pick up anything sweet on your trip.