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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Yoga keeps me flexible..

Yoga to the People is an amazing little gem we found down in the Village. This multi-floor townhouse is to die for.It offers beautiful studio's and qualified instructors, to ensure a tranquil visit. Weekdays there are a ton of class times to choose from and even candle lite classes on Sunday nights!
Just be sure to get their about 15 minutes early to secure your ideal spot.

Get ready to get limber.

Power Vinyasa yoga is practiced in the East Village location, at 12 St. Mark's Place.
YTTP has another location on 27th St. that practices traditional hot yoga and a location on 38th St. that practices hot power Vinyasa.
Beware: the latter two classes are not for the timid. Me and my yoga buddy were pouring sweat during our hour long standard Vinyasa class.
Also, did I mention it is a donation based studio! They suggest giving between five and ten dollars; which is a quarter of the price other places in the city charge.

The East Village location is in an amazing area to wonder around.
Today after class, we spent the day cruising thrift stores, boutiques and street shops in the neighborhood. We got an extra 2 hours of cardio walking around the Village and Meat Packing, shopping and talking.
One amazing store right down St.Mark's we ventured into was Search and Destroy.
This vintage shop offers tons of 80's sequins and studded leather so of course I was in love.
Also, Trash & Vaudeville is a classic. In addition there's two frozen yogurt places in the event you need a treat after your sick work out.
Spring is coming, so we all need to tone up and venture out. Throw on your leather jacket,some yoga pants and hit this place up.
Bottom line, Yoga for the People because the boys are shirtless and the vibes are peaceful. Namaste.

Yoga For the People: Schedule's, Locations, Times.

Search an Destroy.

Trash & Vaudeville.


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