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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Get yo' Street Shop On.

There are two street festival's going on in the Village, this weekend. It is suppose to be sunny and fabulous so go take a jaunt. Grab your friends or your luvha! and hit the street.

This is the most beautiful part of the city; soak it all in. I will definately be munching some lunch at a local cafe....did someone say sangria?

Throw some shades on and go cruise the selection of art, clothing, arepas and bongs. Truly, something for everyone. I love the amazing selection of fun scarves and acessories. A fun first date, if you don't mind some cheap eats ;)

Saturday March 27, 2010
Greenwich Ave
between 6th and 7th


Sunday March 28, 2010
Christopher St.
between 7th and Greenwich


Lemme know if you pick up anything sweet on your trip.


1 comment:

  1. Had a great time! Thanks for the heads up! ;-)