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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

..Like a hot first date, that never called you agian..

I know, I stood all of you up...left you craving for more and caused feelings of abandonment...for that I apologize. However, I would gleefully like to announce Bored & Beautiful is back like Britney,bitch!

First order of business, Here's a tiny clip from Lady Gaga's new music video Alejandro..

No official release date yet. I am feeling a slight old school Madonna vibe and I really hope it doesn't go in that direction...I am sure my girl has got it together..she's wayyy too fresh for that. Also not feelin' the bowl haircut so much, but I will obviously not rush to any rash decisions based off this teaser.

In other news, Yves Saint Laurent is having MAJOR MARKDOWNS...In stores, as well as at
Online, they have a very impressive selection of Over sized Muse bags; in TONS of colors.
Also, my personal favorite the Big cotton & silk stole. You would get mega use out of it- it's large enough to provide great coverage, but light weight enough to be thrown on for a Ferry ride across the bay..

Lastly, it is Wednesday...Could very well be the most boring night of the week...but not if you leave it up to Amanda Lepore!! If you are looking for something to fill your hole tonight, this is it.

Amanda Lepore's 'Big Top' @ Carnival.

It's summer 2010 kids, get at it.

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