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Monday, June 7, 2010

Stevie Boi has captured my heart and my eyes...

Entranced as always... STEVIE BOI has done it again. He is the hottest, most forward eye wear designer right now & has me in Love.Love.Love.
His new collection titled "Malibu Stevie" launches June 12th online and in stores across the United States. The concept, obviously inspired by the original fashion icon herself, Barbie.

The line is filled with the most impressive and well crafted pieces I have seen from him and he's not even 21 years old yet...When I was 20, I was rollin' threw community college in my two door Honda Accord..Besides, the incredible talent this designer possesses; his gracious attitude is so endearing-it melts me.
Not to mention, his most recent campaign is littered with celebrities. Stars like Gangsta boo, Trina and Lil mo; all rock it out for the camera with the designer in tow...His shades have also been coveted by the likes of Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Lil Kim.
Go and brush ya' shoulders off..

Here is a sneek peak of the new collection!!! So exciting!! I want to wear every single pair.

My Absolute favorites are the syringe covered goggles worn by Gangsta boo...They are Fanfuckingtastic. I will also be up very early on June 12, to purchase the white lace covered spec's worn by Neffe..They are a must have, right now. I will rock those all summer long.

I also have some behinds the scenes video. Take a look at what went into styling this, stellar new collection Right here!

SB's line was shoot by Michael Antonio. Designed and styled by Stevie Boi himself..Gotta' add those personal touches ;) Make up & hair credits go out to Neon Fix.

You can get in touch with Stevie Boi in the following ways:


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