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Monday, June 7, 2010

Hat Shopping on Thompson St.

The Hat Shop is an amazing place..walking in there is every accessory lovers dream..I have quiet a few fabulous toppers, but this store blew me away.

They have every style; fedoras, over sized floppy sun hats, straw panama, bowler...You name it.

In addition to the their online store, they boast an impressive selection in the shop it's self.
They carry Chapeau Chateau, their in house line and pieces from about 30 other New York milliners.

They break down their selection into three types of hats. Those that are functional, those that finish an outfit and those that are for flaunting.The third genre is not for the fact, it's calling my name.
Although you can just go and purchase a hat off the rack at the store. The Hat Shop is extremely focused on personalization.They do custom everything; from trims to sizing. To ensure you leave with your dream hat. An amazing place to go if you have an event of any sort such as a polo match or wedding..or maybe, you're just looking for the perfect everyday hat to roll around town in ;)

The staff is hit or miss..exactly what you would expect from a sales associate on Thompson St.
I recently got a friend a gift certificate and wished it was wrapped up cuter.. or at all..It was a silly little hand written post card, not even an envelope; But besides the gift wrap lacking, this store is a home run..

I am positive she will enjoy her day perusing for hats & strolling around the Thompson St. area because it is really adorable; filled with cute shops & cafes. I will be sure to tell her to stop by Emack & Bolio's in SoHo for some fro-yo. This ice cream palace's motto is "Ice Cream for the Connoisseur." They had the most amazing fat-free yogurt I've ever had. HANDS DOWN. Not to mention the craziest, most intense selection of premium ice creams, smoothies and waffle cones encrusted in candy such as M&M's or Resse's Peanut butter cups. Just watch out, it's beach season,bitches!

The Hat Shop is located at

120 Thompson Street
New York, NY 10012
(212) 219-1445

Emack & Bolio's is located at
73 W Houston St (W. Broadway)
New York, NY 10012
(212) 533-5610

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