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Monday, June 7, 2010

Ohh what a night..

I would like to start out saying...that
everyone had very high expectations for the night..
The fete was for one of our most cherished friend's birthday's.Summer had officially begun and everyone wanted to show their tan's off while sipping cocktails to celebrate. In honor of this glorious ocassion, a table with bottle service had already been set up through an established promoter with hotel before hand.

So our group of 25 rolled up at 11:55 pm on Saturday night to the Empire Hotel. Standing there, waiting to be greeted with open arms. The 'roided out bouncer screamed in the birthday girl's face "GET THE FUCK BACK, I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY. SHUT UP AND GET TO THE SIDE.NOW" Umm..Ok? within 30 seconds they told us they are closed for the night "GOOODBYE!!"...It would have been a disgrace to speak to a tourist wearing a fanny pack in such a rude, hostel manor; but my crew is fly..Louboutins & Choo's for day's these girls were not lookin' shabby. As for the boys, they were all in dress shoes and sharp button downs..
At this point, everyone just wanted to "Sip fancy drinks." as one party go-er mentioned.

The birthday girl went over and try to explain calmly that we had a table booked,with a deposit...along with another friend already up stairs because she arrived early; her boyfriend had to slip the doorman 100 $ to allow them up. The very moment she opened her mouth to explain, Juice Head replies "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU? EVERY ONE HAS A TABLE. I DON'T NEED YOU BUM RUSHING ME! GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY FACE." ...No one bum rushed you bro', she was teetering in 6' heels.

Ok, so now we are leaving..All of us had no problem droppin' dolla's $$$$, but the complete disrespect that went on had turned every single person off. I personally have never been treated so badly by an establishment in my life. I have been to this hotel many times before, it is very well landscaped & pretty; but nothing spectacular..A little over exposed as well :/ I am officially "Off That." You will never catch Laura Lucch at the Empire Hotel.Ever.Ever.Again. We crossed the street; needed to reorganize and collect our group..

So, my dream-boat date came to the rescue.
He called a friend over at amazing hotel & roof top on the corner of 48th & 11th ave.
Let me tell ya', it hit the spot!! Warm red's and stone when we walked in; welcomed by the doorman who smiled and complimented my spiked turban. Relief washed over me, Ahhh...We are finally at the right place.
We jumped right in the elevator and entered onto a beautiful indoor bar area with a fantastic ambiance. Lounges and metallic chairs everywhere. They were at capacity and yet the room had just the right amount of people in it. Airy, yet cozy is hard to find and this gem's got it. The outdoor roof top had the most amazing views of Manhattan, in addition to multiple stunning pools. The music is low key jazz-Just as an FYI. This is not a dance party kind of place. However, when you want to spend time sipping tasty cocktails, gazing at breath-taking views and lounging on wicker benches, INK48 is your spot. Our group ended up having an amazing time. We got time to catch up on all the new jobs, big promotions and all the other exciting things every one has going on. I really recommend taking anyone here-any time. We had a ball.

So in closing, I would like to give a shout out & big up's to INK48 & a big fuck you ;) to the Empire Hotel.


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