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Friday, October 1, 2010

They can Bang me, Anytime.

Even tho many of us still rock the side bang; I must say, the freshest and hippest bang right now is a cut that's blunt and straight across. Many of my most stylish cohorts as well as many fashionable ladies I see on the streets are rocking edgy and lady-like versions of the style. A couple of the girls I stopped and asked even told me they had cut the bangs themselves! Absolutely bad ass. I love it.
We should all try to push our selves a little out of the comfort zone and try to embrace new, hot looks. Whether it be a crisp hair cut, rocking the highest platforms of your life; even though you're 5'9 flatfoot or taking out that old belly button ring.. It's time to rev up and renew, it is almost holiday season after all.
Nobody wants to look stale during the holidays because that's when all the fun parties are.
Pushing your boundaries is the only way to expand and grow. Start in your wardrobe and perhaps the philosophy will mushroom into other aspects of your life.

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