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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Having a fashion panic attack..for Valentino.

Pictures courtesy of Get to the site now!! They are bringing you perfect shots from all the Fall 2010 couture shows.
My favorite
accoutrement of all, this season was the bow gloves sashaying down the runway at the Valentino show.
Gloves of all shapes and sizes; from white patent half gloves to full length nude gloves covered with multiple bows.
I am a huge fan of gloves period.
They can add class and elegance or just as easily add edge and attitude; depending on the materials and detailing. The gloves showcased in this year's show cover all the bases.

Check out's shot's from the show and pay special attention to the gloves! ah! I love them.
My personal favorite shots are #'s 31,40,12,13,16,19,24,26.
In case your interested.

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