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Friday, July 9, 2010

Welcome to Commando Cotton.

I am a die hard Commando fan. Made by the company
Her Look.

From a stylist point of view their nude nylon seamless thong is an absolute necessity.
Let's face it, some garments are too sheer or tight to wear very much of anything underneath.
So in a dire need to ensure you're client doesn't have any picture mishap's with a full on hoo-ha shot. Commando is a god send.

I am thrilled that this company is creating tons of new exciting lines and creating solutions for today's fashion problems.
So, I proudly introduce Commando Cotton. The first line of thongs made from light weight breathable cotton and still remains seamless under clothing. Amazing!!!
Quickly, these will become your new everyday go-to.
New York, I know you can appreciate the concept of breathable, seamless wonders since it has been such a scorcher these past two weeks.

We just received a fresh shipment at National Jean Company.
In addition we got in the new Tulip Thong in a plethora of colors.
I fell in love with this amazing green color called Grass. It's truly to die for.
Of course, standard nylon seamless thongs are fresh stocked as well.
Low Beams, nipple concealing adhesives are also in. Amazing when going bra-less (Only in my dreams!) Perhaps you're self conscious in that bathing suit? Low Beams are eqipped with super sticky grip, so they aren't going anywhere!
Also stocked on our shelves my complete obsession Matchsticks fashion tape.
I don't care what any one says, Scotch double stick just doesn't work as well.
Maybe, it's a mental thing.
Maybe I am just a complete label whore even down to my double stick tape?
Well, try it out and let me know what you're thoughts are.
Next Her Look purchase on my list? Commando Tiny Thong.
It sounds daring and I like that.

Anyway, Stop by and scoop up all your Her Look needs at Natty Jean; Click for locations.

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