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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mike Ellison killed it at Comix.

Mike Ellison is clearly one to be watched; an up and coming comedian who pulls from real life experiences to connect with the diverse crowd in front of him.
Personal highlights of the night were his discussions on "man-tit's" and "garbage picking."
Two topics, anyone can relate to.

Mike had the room roaring throughout his 10 minute set.
It was littered with obscenities, just the way I like it and touched upon topics such as living at home with your parents and child molestation. His bit on Dateline NBC's "To Catch a Predator" literally brought tears to my eyes.

Boys and girls were hysterical, worlds funnier than the mouse-y girl with the dull "Animal Planet" jokes and the 18 year old guido from the Bronx, that also graced the stage that same night.
Even as Mike fumbled with the microphone stand, he had the audience's attention and laughter.
I'm telling you, if he keeps it up the girls will be flashing him at shows in no time. Me included :)

Another highlight of the evening was when Judah Friedlander jumped up on stage!
A fantastic stand up comic, Judah is also one of the stars of the hit show 30 Rock.
With his serious fro' and amazing beard, I'd let him take me home any night. ;)

In short, stay tuned B&B for more information on when & where to see Mike Ellison.
Huge shout out to Comix for hosting one kick ass night of comedy and big up's to all the other new talent that was out on Tuesday it rocked.

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